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Welcome to a weekly news that’s more about the image than any news.

Call of Duty news

Not all that much has come out in the past week regarding Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

  • Nintendo does some bragging: seen here
  • Black Ops II doesn't live up to its hype: Seen here

Community News

The community has been no better.

War Room

  • There many open threads open in WR. Many are still ongoing from November.
  • There are a few pages on COD:AFD.


Fun stuffs



Silver’s question of the week

Can beans really make you fart?

During World War Two, the RAF posed as Luftwaffe supply teams and dropped bogus supplies over the German trenches. Their intention was to weaken the German ground-level troops by causing serious ill-health. Amongst the lethal foods they deposited were Cherry Bakewells laced with solanine (a poison that affects the gastrointestinal system), gravy granules with ground up arsenic in them and baked beans (because they'd just been invented and British soldiers were suspicious of them).

Surprisingly, it was the beans that had the most powerful effect. As the tins were unopened, the Germans rightly believed them to be poison free and hungrily ate the lot. The next day they had planned a surprise over-the-top attack on a weak spot in the British trenches. But as they approached they began farting left, right and centre. The situation was uncontrollable and the smell unbelievable, even over the stench of the trenches. Heralded by their involuntary battle cries, the Germans lost the element of surprise and the British soon forced them back behind enemy lines.

The British have been great fans of the flatulence-causing baked bean ever since. High in polysaccharides and oligosaccharides such as inulin, they actually increase the rapid evacuation of gas from the lower intestine (the amount you let rip) and the pungency of the air you expel. Other foods on the 'fart' list are lentils, cheap lager, onions, pepperoni pizza and cabbage, but none of these will produce an effect comparable in potency to that of the humble baked bean.

Next question: "Why don't we drink breast milk into adulthood?"
And that’s it for this week. Have fun for the next week.

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