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Good evening. Tonight we shall shock and amaze you with our great tale. But first, a word from our sponsor;

Call of Duty News

Much like the job of every CoD community manager, not much is happening in the news of CoD.

Community News

  • Scheduled Poll 30: Rise of the Sun.
  • Also, Dan Bunting "answered" our Q/A we set up some time ago. And by "answered" I mean "completely missed the point of every question given to him so there were no answers at all". Anyone wishing to see how it's possible to miss the side of a barn can do so here.

War Room

  • Nothing new has come up since last weeks news, however there are many topics that still need some input.
    • The Giveaway of Black Ops 3 will be happening. We just need a discussion on how to do it and when we can set it up!

Some other stuff