It has been confirmed on July 17th for Xbox 360 ELITE owners content drops 16,17 and 18 will be released, these consist of two multiplayer maps and one Spec Ops mission. These consist of:

  • Drop 16 - Decommission (Multiplayer Map)
    • "A graveyard of rotting [or add decommissioned here] ocean liners has not only given birth to a shantytown of locals, but a mid-sized Multiplayer Map populated in chokepoints; providing the perfect setting for shoreline-based combat."
  • Drop 17 - Offshore (Multiplayer Map)
    • "Trapped on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean, you have nowhere to go but directly at your enemies in this new Multiplayer map boasting helipads, cranes, and countless perches for snipers eager to pick off the competition. Did we mention to look down or else you may fall off?"
  • Drop 18 - Vertigo (Special Ops Mission)
    • "The luxurious “Oasis” hotel in Dubai hosts the latest Special Ops mission, in which players must use laser-guided RPG’s to dispatch waves of helicopters. Utilize rooftop advantage to defend from waves of enemies, before parachuting to a ground-level exfil point."

Also coming out on July 17th for Xbox 360 ELITE members is MW2 map Terminal for free.

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Source: Activision

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