Infinity Ward and Treyarch are companies that produce Call of Duty. Contacting them is very difficult, but can be accomplished with the following steps.

What you will need

  • An e-mail address.
  • A YouTube account.
  • A console or PC.
  • Call of Duty with multiplayer.
  • Recording software.
  • Video editing software.
  • Voice recording software.
  • A microphone.
  • A Twitter account.

Step one

Firstly use your recording software to record the best moments of your multiplayer, be sure to makes sure it is equal to somewhere between 5-10 minutes. If playing on PC be sure to have all the settings set to high. Try to make sure all the gameplay is with the same weapon, this will help later.

Step two

Now put all the clips into the video editing software, be perfectly sure to cut out any scenes of being killed, and try to prioritise any scenes of exceptional kills first. Once the clips have been compiled save the video and keep the length in mind. This is also a good time to add an intro to help people learn your username.

Step three

Now use the voice recording software to give an overlay to your video. Depending on the length of your video may effect what you talk about. If the clips are quite short, simply use the time to talk about Call of Duty news that doesn't have any images or gameplay yet, if the gameplay is long enough, use the time as a "weapon guide", to talk about the weapon in the clips and what attachments you think work best. Add this overlay to the video and then save it again ready for an upload.

Step four

Upload your video to your YouTube account and add plenty of tags so your video can be easily found by multiple people. It may take some time, so this step will take some time. Be sure to continue step 1-3 until you have a large amount of subscribers and views.

Step five

Once you have achieved multiple views and subscriptions be sure to be using your Twitter account to talk abount changes that should be made to Call of Duty, but be sure to not use the @ command, as we do not want to actually attempt to contact Infinity Ward/Treyarch yet. Be sure not to post these tweets too often, and vary the topic as much as possible or it could hamper your chances later.

Step six

With all other steps considered and being followed, all one should do now is await for Infinity Ward/Treyarch to send you an e-mail offering for you to go to a Call of Duty event. Once this e-mail is sent you may go to said event, and Infinity Ward/Treyarch should now be contactable for anything you want, however you should maintain steps 1-5 to maintain interest, lest it seem you no longer wish to contact them.

Disclaimer: Yes, I mean this as a joke, don't complain.

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