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IGN have recently interviewed Mark Rubin. Their main points of interest are as follows:

  • "Wanted the world to “be a character” and wanted to show what they’re going to do with the new world via tech as that’s what helps them drive the impact of what the world is going to be. Displacement mapping and SubD are primarily the two pieces of tech they wanted to show off."
  • "They wanted to create environments that the player can feel more immersed in than ever before which makes you feel “jaw-dropped” and see things you’ve never seen before (the underwater level shown to press is highlighted as an example)."
  • "The new engine applies to current-gen as well as next-gen which improves the visual fidelity of current-gen but next-gen also allowed them to bring in some new tech."
  • "There’s new gameplay that allows you to “customize the level as it goes” such as “hidden things” which will create sub-missions or offer a new twist to the story."
  • "60 frames-per-second and latency on the controls still as important as ever and what separates Call of Duty from others. They spent a lot of time on the acceleration of the thumbsticks."

The video containing the interview can be seen here:

Source: IGN

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