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IW Twitter round-up

The following are a round-up of recent Tweets from Infinity Ward, mainly @Teanah, @candylexia, and @IWMarkRubin:

  • IW are aware of the glitch on the Vortex map.
  • If a “snipers/no snipers” playlist is implemented, they will be two separate ones.
  • The leaked MW3 Terminal gameplay occurred because that person hacked into the IW development sites and downloaded it.
    • Should have some more details on Terminal by the end of this week or beginning of next week.
    • Activision already approved Terminal for MW3, but they are working on how to deploy it.
    • IW are still awaiting an answer for whether or not Terminal will launch first on Xbox 360.
    • When Terminal does launch IW might do a ‘Terminal 24/7′ playlist for a few days after launch.
    • No plans for other old maps returning. Still looking into that.
  • Call of Duty: Elite's ‘Clan Emblem’ feature is currently bugged. Fix coming real soon to enable the emblems for everyone.
  • IW are still planning on adding new guns to Infected, but no ETA has been given.
  • Fix for Xbox DLC issues is in cert with Microsoft. Should be released this week.
  • Working to fix the Lag/Matchmaking issue ASAP.
    • After lag is fixed, they are going to work on doing a major overhaul on the spawns.
  • Still hasn’t looked into the gun DLC. Little chances it can happen though.
  • Not planning on extending prestiges any more. But will see if more people want more levels.
  • Mark is leaning toward ‘Team Juggernaut’ as the next Community Playlist. But no confirmation.
  • Weapons balance pass is something IW will be looking into. IW wants to look at everything to see what can be improved.
  • They are working on a fix for a glitch on Erosion.
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  • Tweets: @Teanah @candylexia and @IWMarkRubin
  • Collab of points originally made by Charlie INTEL

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