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My livestream thingy

I recently got a hold of some livestream software, and as such I planned on playing an RPG game from start to finish. I'll likely have more of a schedule once I know what it is I'm doing (although it's likely they'll run for an hour or so and start around 9PM UTC). The RPGs I have are pretty sparse, but I figured I'd hold a poll our of the ones I have that you'd want to see me do (I'm leaving sequels out as I'll do those next).

RPG to use

The poll was created at 19:30 on April 23, 2012, and so far 18 people voted.

NOTE: My Fallout 3 disc is acting up, I'm looking for a work around (like using the CD key on GFWL) but if it doesn't work I'll go for the 2nd highest rated vote if FO3 is still leading and I haven't fixed the issue.

After many attempts, it won't work, so has been replaced.

I can also do some multilayer games such as L4D2 and Borderlands, but these will likley be on the weekends. Also, if I can get a hold of copies of the games I can record wiki events.

Anyway, please leave your thoughts and I'll start up this little project.

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