Given my poll seems unannimous, I plan on starting up the livestream this week end. below my plans.


  • Weekdays - 8:30PM UTC onwards
  • Weekends - 5:00PM UTC onwards


I plan on using my mic to commentate to make it a bit more entertaining, this will include either talking about what I'm doing, or general banter.


The games I plan on playing will be done in a different style.

Fallout: New Vegas

I'll play though this only once, but I will attempt to get the max level and all the side quests done before doing the last mission, as it is close ended.

Mass Effect

I will play though this twice, as it is the only way to get to the max level which I will use to port into Mass Effect 2 when that gets live streamed. (I will be playing paragon on both playthroughs, might still insult Udina though).

Fable: The Lost Chapters

I will play though this once as there's very little you can do with this. I won't bother doing the book collection.

Dragon Age: Origins

Most likely one playthough, although may do 2 for similar reasons as Mass Effect.


One playthough, similar to Fable.


I may also cover Multiplayer games, such as L4D2. I will try and put these during regular scheduling, but if anything changes I'll state in chat.

This more or less sums it all up, feel free to ask me any questions, but beyond that it starts this weekend! (Possibly earlier if I get enough support).

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