Invisi-Blend Fruit Punch is based off COD's ghost perk

Although there are no aircraft or equipment in zombies this perk will temporarily make you invisible to all
Invisa-man fruit punch

invisi-blend fruit punch label;copyright crazystephboy 2011

zombies discluding hellhounds and monkeys. The perk would last for one round only and gives players a chance to grab power-ups like insta-kill or a Max Ammo . the perk costs 750 points which is actually pretty reasonable for a temporary perk. This perk is ideal for players who have somthing specific in mind they want to buy like if they have been saving for pack-a-punch or another perk. However, like quick revive (on solo) the perk can only be perchased three times by each player before disapearing and the effects only work for the player who bought the perk and the player can still kill zombies to rack up some major points. This perk pays for itself. This perk is best used with quick revive as you can revive players while being ignored. It might be availible on refirbished maps or new ones.
PI Crazystephboy HotSauce Zombie perk

Wild Fire Hot Sauce Label; copyright crazystephboy 2011

The wild fire hot sauce is my own creation. with no starting points or other perks to base it off of wild fire hot sause is unique. this perk allows you to be a human trap, your body lights up and as you run through hordes of the undead they catch fire and turn to ash. This perk only lasts for one round and is great for getting places you want to go. However, while this perk is active you cannot gain points while incinerating zombies. This perk can only be used twice until moving somewhere else and raising the price. The perk costs 3500 points to begin and goes up 250 points each time it moves. This perk is great for running roughts and trashing zombies in big groups. Juggernog is recommended with this perk because once the perk runns out your vulnerable again and may take enough hits to go down if your not careful. It might be availible on refirbished maps or new ones.

The 83-tr4y U is a new wonder weapon that fires a special element 115 mist that, upon firing, makes the zombie begin to attack each other. This gun has low ammo much like the thunder gun and must be reloaded every three shots like the wunderwaffe. Each time a zombie is hit by another zombie you gail 20 points. When a zombie delivers a fatal blow it gives you 200 points. However, zombies die in only three hits. The gun is like a flamethrower mixed with a v r11 and a wunderwaffe. This gun is ideal for use on large hordes of zombies. The gun is only obtainable through the random box.


Teleport Tea Label;copyright crazystephboy 2011

Teleport tea is an escential for making quick escapes. Rather than having to go through the trouble of linking some teleporters together, or having to wait for cool down, teleport tea acts as a mini teleport beverage. When a player drinks this perk he teleports to a random spot on the map. The jump is comletely random, you can end up across the map away from danger, or like four feet away into a horde of zombies, so it can either be a total life saver or a perk that just screws you over. The perk will cost 2000 points because no one wants to expend point just to die. The perk machine only sticks around for three uses (that is if it doesn't kill you first) and disapears for the remainder of the game. It might be availible on refirbished maps or new ones.

Lucky-Shot Lemonade

Lucky-Shot Lemonade Label; copyright crazystephboy 2011

The lucky shot is sort of like a side perk, it's effects are helpful but not essential to your survival. Lucky-Shot Lemonade is a perk that allows the player to have a little more luck in the game of zombies. Using the perk will allow you to literally change the game in your favor by causing zombies to drop power-ups more frequently giving you a greater chance of getting that Max ammo you've been praying for, or some Double points, or maybe even a niffty Fire sale. The perk also gives you better luck with the random box although it's still random the perk will edit the contents of the box and give a fairly good weapon, and if you dont like what you get, with this perk you can give it another go for free just double click x, or square (for ps3) and the random box will begin randomizing one more time. This perk is great to have in order to shift the game into your favor. It costs 2000 points because of the luck it gives I think its worth it. It might be availible on refirbished maps or new ones.

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