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    Obscure CoD Stuff

    June 18, 2018 by Cryptar

    Forenote - This blog is intended to log stuff that I have found in CoD, useful or not, that may not be immediately obvious. Some may or may not exist in articles, indeed some may not be suitable for them:

    • In Modern Warfare 2 and 3, the SPAS-12 can be hip-fired before the pump animation is finished.[1] [2]
    • The M9 Raffica and the regular M9 have a sound only heard by reload cancelling that previously existed in the CoD 4 reload sound for the M9.[3]
    • With the KBS Longbow you can blast it before the bolt cycle is done. The most you accurate can be though is in partial zoom so at best it is useful for zombies in a blind panic.[4]
    • Quickies basically do nothing for a mid-mag reload for the VPR, in fact I think it literally does nothing. This is in con…
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  • Cryptar

    MX Garand Review

    February 17, 2016 by Cryptar

    This review has been bite-sized for the main article, but here is my full thoughts on the weapon for those lucky enough to unlock it.

    This weapon empties and reloads often, so I personally would combine Fast Mags as well as Extended Mag to keep the gun fed for the best chance in firefights. On that note, (on console at least) it cannot be reloaded mid-mag so you will find yourself firing randomly to empty it to be ready for future engagements, therefore I would compensate this bullet waste with Scavenger as well as a Suppressor so that your random firings do not spell bait for the enemy team to find you. The two-shot kill range even with a Suppressor seems to be good enough for mid to long range, although I expect at more extreme ranges one…

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  • Cryptar

    I haven't got the pernament unlock token for my thirtd or fourth prestige now. I wonder if this is a common issue and if its a temporary one. It cant be temporary as its now happened twice. I'm owed two tokens which sucks as this could have been used on some really neccissary items for my loadouts.

    Is there a way of contacting Activision to get this fixed?

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