This review has been bite-sized for the main article, but here is my full thoughts on the weapon for those lucky enough to unlock it.

This weapon empties and reloads often, so I personally would combine Fast Mags as well as Extended Mag to keep the gun fed for the best chance in firefights. On that note, (on console at least) it cannot be reloaded mid-mag so you will find yourself firing randomly to empty it to be ready for future engagements, therefore I would compensate this bullet waste with Scavenger as well as a Suppressor so that your random firings do not spell bait for the enemy team to find you. The two-shot kill range even with a Suppressor seems to be good enough for mid to long range, although I expect at more extreme ranges one would find difficulty. Up close the gun fairs better than one would think with a reasonable hip-fire accuracy as well as the fact that one bullet will take an enemy’s health down enough to one-bash and visa-versa in extreme CQ. Therefore I would not recommend other attachments such as the Laser Sight or Long Barrel and the fire rate is good enough to not need Rapid Fire in my opinion. In summary, this gun feels like a novelty and should not be run naked but with proper tuning, it is a versatile weapon - your AR, shotgun and maybe a lacklustre sniper, but not being good at any of these in particular I would expect to die often; until you get the hang of it at least.

I will also add that this gun feels horrible at killing enemy behind cover so I would not even try with the clip size. On unlocking attachments, I recommend taking a secondary like the MR6. If you are good at headshots the High Calibre attachment is a good choice, only by random luck it has saved me from some horrible scenarios with a one-shot headshot.

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