For the Loyal Call of Duty fans who have been playing the series for years, we are at this point of the year where the old Call of Duty game is slowly becoming a thing of the past and the hype for the new Call of Duty is getting bigger and bigger in time for the usual November Release. This year is different from past years in that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare  has received the worst reception of any Call of Duty game ever. Even though there was a lot of negative attention for old CODs such as Advance Warfare and Black Ops 3 to a certain extent, it is nothing compared to the kind of negativity Infinite Warfare is getting.

While the hate train has gotten bigger and bigger with players leaving to play Battlefield 1 or most claiming to only play the highly anticipated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, I, like many other people, have tried to keep things positive about the game. I was able to go to COD XP and play a version of the game and my feelings were divided between "Wow this game sucks" and "This game has some potential." After COD XP I tried to tell people who have not played the game at all to not judge it until they try it.

As many of you have seen, and probably played, the Infinite Warfare multiplayer beta was released to the full public last weekend. I was hyped for it assuming that Infinity Ward had plenty of time to fix the bugs the game had at COD XP and that the first beta weekend will try and convince players to give the game a chance. Infinity Ward completely blew their chance to do that with major server issues, with most of people playing about a game or two before the servers crashed for more than 6 hours before they came back up. The nightmare continued when players realized of how fast the TTK was, where you would get melted turning a corner before you could blink. The lethal and tacticals were also annoying and the Combat Rigs, while a good idea limiting the number of specialists, were implemented horribly where you can change rigs mid-game and most of the weapons of the rigs were way too OP and took away the basicness of Call of Duty that people enjoyed and turned it into a joke (Looking at you Synaptic). A lot of people describe this game as "if Ghosts and Advance Warfare had a baby, we get Infinite Warfare" and that is a bad thing considering those are the two most hated CODs of all time.

After this weekend of issues, I believe that both Activision and Infinity Ward messed up bad this year. Granted, the ONLY bright spot in all this is that we get MWR but that is pretty much it. They lost a fair amount of their fanbase to other games for not listening to our opinions and how we feel about the direction of the game. I consider this year as a waste of a year for COD and hope that next year, SledgeHammer gives us what we want and bring the community back together because unless there is a change, they'll be losing even the most loyal COD fans to other games

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