Ever since the reveal of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, the community has not recieved it well, and for good reason. People are already tired of the futuristic setting, the advanced movement system, the futuristic weapons, the pay-to-win system. While I have been playing both IW and MWR and trying to split the time playing both games, I always find myself playing MWR at the end of the day because MWR, while it is a remastered game, is the game that I want in terms of a Call of Duty title, and I'm sure there are members of the community who agree with that statement.

For those of you who havn't heard yet, The Game Awards today released the list of awards up for grabs this year as well as the nominations for each award. If you go through the list, you start to notice that a Call of Duty nomination is nowhere to be found this year for any of the awards, and this is the first time ever that Call of Duty has not recieved a nomination for any gaming award. Personally, I am not that surprised as since the negativity surrounding the game by the community was going to haunt Activision for the year. The reality is this: there's a game out that a majority of people don't want with a system that they hate, a remastered game that a majority of people want yet we have to pay more for it, and a company that is taking advantage of the community. If this is not a wake up call to Activision, I don't know what is.

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