I don't think much explaining needs to be done to lead me into what I'm about to talk about or why. We love Call of Duty, we love E3, we love news, we love to talk about it too. These are rather major things regarding Black Ops 3 that can be gathered from what we saw at the PlayStation conference on June 15th. They may not be new or surprising to some, but they deserve recognition nonetheless. I will not be focusing on small things like "tomahawks are back" or "wallrunning is a thing" because that would make this post a little too long given how much can be gathered if you go frame-by-frame. I just want to focus on things that made a splash.

Call of Duty has a NEW home console

For years, Call of Duty has been looked at as an Xbox game that just so happened to be on PlayStation as well. From now on however, it will be looked at primarily as a PlayStation game. This is probably one of the biggest surpsies so far about BOps3 (and most exciting if you own a PlayStation), but if you've been following TmarTn or some other YouTubers who have played the game, you probably already saw the writing on the wall for this one. There was a lot of speculation leading up to this and Monday was a confirmation that PlayStation will in fact not only get access to DLC a month before Xbox, but that they will also get access to the muliplayer beta early as well. Personally as a PS4 guy I would've been satisfied to hear that consoles will get access to DLC at the same time, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I got a little satisfaction knowing that so many Xbox guys who bragged about getting DLC first are now in for an unpleasant surprise. Is it just me, or have these tables turned? It was also confirmed that this deal will go beyond Black Ops 3.

The beta hits in August... for PlayStation 4

Like I said, in the words of Sony Computer Entertainment's own President Andrew House, PlayStation is the new home for the Call of Duty series. With that, they will get access to pretty much everything first including this year's beta. Andrew House confirmed right after Black Ops 3's multiplayer reveal that PS4 owners will be the first to experience the multiplayer beta in August. As far as I know, there is still no news of when other gamers will get to play the beta. For those who don't know, people who pre-order the game for a last-gen console will not get access to the beta.

A reference that could be hinting at a remake of Nuketown

I know that I said I wouldn't talk about small things, but I couldn't resist the fact that this looks like an Easter Egg hinting at the return of the map Nuketown. Usually the developers will use unique usernames when playing in these private matches promoting a new game or map pack and one of the usernames (Noobtown2025) was an obvious reference to Nuketown 2025. It seems small, but I wouldn't be surprised if by the next time we get a look at BOps3, Nuketown is mentioned as a pre-order bonus. Other usernames spotted were references to a couple of the lead developers as well as the new paint job feature. Speaking of paint jobs...

Paint jobs are exclusive to PS4, Xbox One and PC

For those who don't know, you can now give your own customized weapon a paint job. You can see a quick peek of this feature at the end of the multiplayer reveal on Call of Duty's YouTube page. What you can also see at the bottom of the screen is a message saying "Weapon paint feature available on PS4, Xbox One and PC only". I'm actually happy about this because it's essential to give last-gen console owners more of an incentive to upgrade to the new consoles. The community is already too divided as it is so getting everybody into fewer, larger groups is important. We need to let the last-gen fade away.

The fluent movement system Advanced Warfare wished it had

For many, this is the most extensive look we've seen of BOps3's movement system and boy, is it relieving! The maps look like they're built perfectly for the type of movement in the game and it appears that jumping won't be spammed like it was in AW. I love how smooth everything looks from the jumping to the wallrunning. Advanced Warfare's movement was far too... "zippy" I guess would be the best word. Treyarch's experience seems to show in this reveal because everything looks so much more natural and fluent than AW's Super Mario-esque gameplay. This is a big relief for someone who was worried about getting the same bad movement system two years in a row.

Like I said, some of this may not be very new to some, but I hope everyone learned something new or that I pointed out something you didn't notice at first if you were watching E3 live. I hope you guys enjoyed reading and I'd love to hear feedback on this post as well as what you guys thought of E3. I've never seen PlayStation deliver such an exciting E3 conference, not only did it put my mind to rest on games that I was concerned about (Battlefront and BOps3) but it also introduced me to some games that I know I'll just have to get (Horizon First Dawn). Very exciting time to be a gamer!

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