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    Viral MW3 website?

    February 25, 2011 by D4rkHeart780

    The full story (which is all the text in bold), plus the URL.


    A new website has emerged that suggests Activision will reveal a new Modern Warfare game next week.

    According to sources, press have been sent dog tags with a link to the website The bloody tags include the message "end the war" along with the details of Sheperd, one of the villains from Modern Warfare 2.

    On the website is a countdown timer. There is just under five days left -- putting a reveal slap bang in the middle of the Game Developers Conference.

    Will we enjoy a Modern Warfare 3 reveal next week? Remember Activision showed the first Modern Warfare 2 teaser at GDC in 2009, c…

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  • D4rkHeart780

    Apparently Black Ops' Map Pack 2 maps have been leaked. I was browsing YouTube to look up some gameplay on all the Pack-A-Punched guns in Zombies, when this came up in the "Related Videos" section:

    Thinking this was just full of baloney, I decided to try it myself on my PS3. Turns out, it's 100% true. Go try it out for yourself. By the way, I saw this only for PS3, so I don't know about Xbox or PC.

    Step 1: Go on "Multiplayer".

    Step 2: Go to "Player Match" and go on your "Playercard".

    Step 3: Go to "Community".

    Step 4: Press Square to go to your filter.

    Step 5: Go left or right on the "Maps" section It will eventually show the Map Pack 1 maps as well as the Map Pack 2 maps.

    List of M…

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