• D9 fan

    The Best of COD Zombies

    December 16, 2014 by D9 fan

    Alright guys so I've been looking around the web and I noticed a bunch of YouTubers and websites have posted their top 5 and top 10 zombies videos and stuff and while they help I don't think they fairly represent the zombies community. So I decided to make some polls to better represent the community. I ask that you guys vote and spread the word so that maybe Treyarch may see if they get enough attention and it could effect the future of zombies. I didn't do a wiki poll because with this more people can see and vote on it. If I missed anything in these polls or if you want me to create another poll on another topic please feel free to tell me and I'll do my best to make it. Any comments or suggestions would be helpful.

    Best Zombies map- htt…

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