So we're 9 months into this game we call "Call of Duty: Ghosts". or as I know it, quite possibly the worst game I've ever played. I'm going to cover the 4 main aspects of Ghosts (SP, MP, Extinction and competitive)


This is where IW failed to deliver. As you can all surely remember (and now have brain cells personally dedicated to it.) was marketed as stealthy soldiers sneaking and stabbing. In the first few levels there was a descent amount of stealth. But Ghosts stopped taking its ADHD medicine before the mid-way point of the first mission and made you shoot down a helicopter using an RPG after storming a gate. It got less stealthy as it progressed and ended with you using a super orbital missile weapon to rain hellfire down from the heavens.

"We've always had the power, but not anymore." went the opening of the trailer. There was never an actual part of the campaign where the US was struggling. We had drones to rain hell on a beach still though, can't leave out the armchair generals.


Wait, was this an actual thing people cared about?


This is where Ghosts phoned it in and started to have trouble without it's nappies of the straightforward safety of linear campaign. It was completely broken for still is. After BO2 broke through multiple layers of mould adding in pick 10, unlock tokens and Hardpoint. Ghosts took that, dragged it through a pile of what seemed to be blood, sweat and absolute cock-handedness resulting in a system that never really defined how much you could spend on perks, squad points and "Blitz". I recently jumped back onto Black ops 2 and noticed it had a staggering population of 166,000. That was roughly the same as or HIGHER population as it had during it's year of release.

Game modes:

LMAO holy hell this is really where Ghosts shined it's absolute piss poorness. I was made aware yesterday by TUBW and Recon that game mode called "Reinforce" existed. This is 9 months after release and I had no idea it existed. Blitz: Capture the flag meets relay race. This game mode was so broken. Search and Rescue: S&D meets th game mode IW tried to make happen in MW3 and failed to launch .


lol. I didn't even know this existed until yesterday


Anything other than the R5 or the MTAR was not worth using.

Competitive support:

This is truly where Ghosts shit the bed so hard it fell through the bed, crushing its little brother Call of Duty App below him and forever left a stain on the bedsheets known as the Call of Duty Franchise. As BO2 rolled around I checked out League play and quickly found myself caught up in the explosion that was CoD esports. from MLG Anaheim to world champs I was waving the greenwall flag high and mighty as an avid follower of Mr. Scumpii and NaDeSHoT.

Going into Ghosts I was dissapointed and downright enraged at IW to find out they'd cut several key features that made BO2 so supportive to esports such as Hardpoint, CTF and CODcaster. The most irritating part of it was Teanah's excuses on twitter at launch. Although what was funny was after pros wanted more health she then replied to JKap with "that's why we added heavy duty". She was then laughed at by everyone for her weak excuses and just ignorance of the espors community. 9 months down the line the Gfinity event was almost ruined by Infinity Ward's lack of supporting and patching their game because of a glitch in S&D.


I hope IW never make another call of duty game ever and are disbanded to the far corners of the universe. With sledgehammer taking the reins of CoD 2015 I have hopes it will support the competitive scene much better than Ghosts did.

I'll leave with this quote

"Starts stealthy for five minutes of mission Michael Bay for rest"
— Deathmanstratos


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