In a recent tweet by MLG Brasil announced that one of the teams representing Brasil has been disqualified from the tournament after a rule violation.

Team SSOF Gaming (We Are Brazil) was disqualified from the Call of Duty ® World Championship Tournament. Based on recent investigations, it was discovered that the team broke the Next Rule Classifier Day 23: "Users are prohibited from sharing information about their accounts created on GameBattles with another person for any reason. This includes, but is not limited to, User Names, Passwords, Gamertags, Emails, etc.. If someone else access your account, you may be disqualified and removed from GameBattles. This includes also give your password to others can recover your account from Xbox Live Gamertag. If an account is stolen, the creator of the account is responsible for any lost credit / damage that account. " During the final, someone else has accessed the account from XBL one of the players of the team and played in his place. happened was the last Activision, organizer of the championship, which examined the case and at no time there until the CoD Champs (Top 03/28) decided that there would be how to replace the vacancy. Therefore, the Champs will be held in this 2014 edition with only 31 teams.

With this disqualification only 31 teams will be competing in Call of Duty champs. Their Group for CoD champs now consists soleley of OpTic Gaming, Epsilon eSports and the south korean team NSP.

UPDATE: The official MLG Account has announced that SSOF will not be replaced in CoD champs due to the close proximity and all Group G teams will receive a round one BYE and be awarded the win

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