DBD here with eSports recap for week of 7/4.

News from both sides of the pond this time around and down under.


  • MaDcat has been released from EU giants TCM gaming and announced his retirment from Competitive call of duty.
After a strong 3 years of competing in the top3 of Europe I waited to become 18 years of age to compete at the world championship. After a woeful placement I have thought long and hard what to do I have decided to step back from competitive call of duty. The stress and time required by organisations and players is too much for little return. The UK scene isn't growing if so at a miniscule rate, I don't see any future with CoD and this time was coming sooner or later.
— Madcat's twilonger post
  • TCM pick up Ryan "Flux" Oldfield from Epsilon eSports
  • Epsilon then picked up Josh "Joshh" Shephard to complete their roster of: Tommey, Swanny, Jurd and now Joshh


  • Call of Duty championship top 5 team T1 Dotters have joined the curse org to become Curse.AU

North America

  • CompLexity have won the Season 1 league play-offs at PAX adding another trophy to their collection after taking home $400,000 at call of duty championships.
  • Curse org announce the change in rosters and team names. Curse Las Vegas is now Curse Atlanta and will live in a team house with their sister team. Curse New York.
  • Curse Parasite was released at the time of writing and announced he will compete with Team Kaliber at UGC niagra in place of Apathy. He was replaced by Crs Burnsoff to complete the ATL roster
The roster for Curse ATL is now
  • Enable
  • Burnsoff
  • Mochilla
  • Tipsy

With the addition of Curse.AU The Curse org now has the most teams of an organisation eligible to compete in championships. That's all for now. I'm sure there'll be more news by this time tomorrow. recaps will most likely be scheduled for saturday ready for sundays news.

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