This weekend is the final championships for the European and Oceania qualifiers for Call of Duty champs in L.A later this month.

NOTE: The Australian championship results will be update once I can confirm all match outcomes.

European Championships

Day one

  • Orbit sweden vs. Reign Mix
  • Anarchy vs. Sublime
  • Lightning Pandas vs. Analis.LA
  • Real Allstars vs. DB.Benelux
  • Ozone Giants vs. Wizards eSports
  • Team Nextgen vs. Killerfish
  • Team Orbit vs. TYT
  • Vitality Returns vs. Millennium
  • TCM Gaming vs. Leverage
  • SK Gaming vs. N7 Nation Technical forfeit
  • Aware Gaming vs. TEC
  • Vitality Rises vs. Infamous Theory
  • Epsilon eSports vs. DB.Gaming UK

The winning EU teams today will move onto the championship sunday tomorrow for prize money and the European champion title.

Taiwan, Singapore/Hong Kong

  • Aftermath (BYE)
  • Echelon vs F!Fo


  • Echelon vs Aftermath

Australian Championships

Round One

  • Nv vs. Immunity
  • Adamant vs. Trident.iNS
  • Trident.T1Dotters vs. Flair gaming
  • Avant Garde vs. Royal
Losers bracket Round one
  • Nv vs. Trident.iNS
  • Flair gaming vs. Royal

Round Two

  • Immunity vs. adamant
  • Trident.T1Dotters vs. Avant Garde
Losers bracket Round Two
  • Trident.T1Dotters vs. Trident.iNS
  • Adamant vs. Flair gaming

Semi Finals

Immunity vs. Advant Garde

Losers bracket Semi-Finals
  • Avant Garde vs. Trident.T1Dotters


Immunity vs. Trident.T1Dotters

All teams from the European, Australian, Taiwan, Singapore/Hong Kong championships will move onto the World Championships in L.A in 3 weeks time.

That's the eSports news for this weekend until March 8th/9th for the US championship qualifier and the grand final March 28th through 30th.

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