It's almost the most wonderful time of the year, when you're gearing up for E3 in june and waiting for the new Call of Duty to be announced. According to the most recent Gamespot article, the next Call of Duty is to be titled: Call of Duty Patriots, Although this is currently a rumour.

None of this is 100% confirmed, so take a dose of salt with it.

The gamestop article wrote that the codename "blacksmith" which the game is being developed under is the name of a character in game called Smith Black. It will be set in An alternate reality WW1 with a (get the salt ready) "fantasy" element. It is being developed for the Xbox one, PS4 and PC. with no word from the article on a 360, PC, wii U release. The article puts the release date for November 14th. This november 14th is a Friday. Historically Call of Duty's have released on the first or second tuesday of november. It will feature a single main campaign and two smaller sub-campaigns.

If history is anything to learn from we can expect an official reveal and information in the coming weeks.

Check out the original article here


Kotaku has written an article pointing out how entirely fake and fabricated this supposed "leak" is and Gamespot has apologized for mis-information. Sorry to say, but this leak is confirmed fake.

Source: Kotaku

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