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Denial eSports has absorbed Erupt gaming teams from NA and EU under the Denial Banner.

Denial eSports is excited to announce we will be picking up the Erupt Gaming US and EU Call of Duty teams. We at Denial eSports have had our share and history of CoD teams; we’ve had our ups and our downs. With the absorption of these two squads I believe truly that we’re back and greater than before, and I am very excited for the future of Denial eSports. I can’t wait to see how the teams perform in their respective leagues.”
— Denial eSports announcement


Competing at MLG anaheim in June and the MLG season 2 league the North American Roster consists of:

  • Brian "PRPLXD" Ladd
  • Tyree "Legal" Glover
  • Hamza "VeXeD" Virzada
  • Tom "Zoomaa" Paparratto


The EU team is currently competing in the Gfinity G3 Qualifier with the roster consisting of:

  • Luke 'Luke' Edwards
  • Josh 'Realize' Taylor
  • Pele 'MeLo' Riley
  • Jemelle ' Wonder' Rowe

Check out the official announcement page here

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