Sooo. I'm salty about this so if you want a neutral opinion here you're out of luck.

So MLG has begun enforcing a rule so that all of it's league matches and 2K/5K streams MUST be done on Eliminating pretty much anyone who doesn't have an MLG channel from streaming it to their following. This also puts Evil Genuis (former CompLexity line-up) in a spot between a rock & a hard place as they have a contract with and are now being forced to stream on


Following this sudden announcement of a rule. Patrick Aches AKA Pattychaches/headaches/etc. (@EGachespp) took to twitter to voice his opinions on MLG. needless to say, it wasn't pretty.


In my opinion MLG is threatened by twitch. Having now forced EG to stream and give up their stratergies to give up "competitive advantage"

MrAdamAp made a reddit comment on the /r/CoDCompetitive thread about this (and was sent to the deepest circle of downvote oblivion that exists on that subreddit)


So I'm going to go try and lower my sodium levels from this announcement. Say what you think, points to comment section let me know below.

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