Tonight was the draft period for each team competing in the 3rd season of MLG's CoD League. Below is a list of all competing teams and their respective subs.


  • Starting Roster- Enable, Tipsy, Mochila, Burnsoff
  • Subs- ZybackXX, Crowster, Kenny, Tommey

Elevate Team

  • Starting Roster: Gucci, Chino, Madcat, Nifty
  • Subs: Miyagi, Pluto, Jump, Slasher

Team EnVyUS

  • Starting Roster: Merk, Formal, Jkap, Nameless
  • Subs: Methodz, Colechan, Snipedown, Perplexed

Evil Geniuses

  • Starting Roster: Aches, TeePee, Crimsix, Karma
  • Subs: Fears,Faccento, Temperr, Phaze


  • Starting Roster: Replays, Studyy, Saints, Zooma
  • Subs: Decemate, Felonyy, Jrich, Osmoked

FaZe Pro

  • Starting Roster: Censor, Apathy, Parasite, Dedo
  • Subs: Diabolic, Realize, Kengoat, Crayons

JustUS pro

  • Starting Roster: Twizz, Blfire, Doubt, Sin
  • Subs: Moti, Thing2, Bumzo, Assasian

OpTic Gaming

  • Starting Roster: Nadeshot, Scumper, Proofy, Clayster
  • Subs: Fero, Bigtymer, Rambo, Bloodz

OpTic Nation

  • Starting Roster: Mirx, Killa, MBoze, Ricky
  • Subs: Phizzurp, Trojan, Rizma, Recks

Radius COD

  • Starting Roster: Classic, Saint, Slacked, Huhdle
  • Subs: Spacely, Nexxx, Flawless, Jurd(of Epsilon the EU team)

Rise Nation

  • Starting Roster: Loony, Wheats, Pacman, Attach
  • Subs: TJHaly, Kozmo, Accuracy, Schillez

Team Kaliber

  • Starting Roster: Theory, Sharp, Goonjar, Neslo
  • Subs: Muddawg, Sender, Jamezz, Fearless

Season 3 is starting tonight and G3 is less than a month away. I'll make sure to keep you all up to date on

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