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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is released!

DBD back here with the news sooo. Let's go.

Protagonist of Advanced Warfare

According to an article from Charlie intel the main protagonist of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is "Private Mitchell" voiced by Troy Baker AKA every video game badass in the cosmos. He will only voice during cutscenes and not during actual gameplay (Troy baker as a silent protagonist huh...)

"This character was given a generic backstory, so players can better inhabit the character."
— Charlie intel article

No more disembodied voices between cutscenes

Following the news of Troy Baker voicing the protag and during cutscenes there will no longer be the loading screen and disembodied voice giving you information on what's going on elsewhere. Instead it will have fully rendered CG cutscenes.

SHG to experiment with core mechanics

Not much is known on this except during a gameinformer interview with Michael Condrey, Glen Schofield, and Eric Hirshberg.

""They’re bringing some big experiments to the core mechanics that will affect multiplayer and all modes of the game.""
— Charlie intel Article

Source: Charlie Intel
Charlie Intel
Charlie Intel

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