I made myself a banner. ^.^ I think it looks quite nice

Sledgehammer games has played host to eSports players this week in a special eSports oritentated preview of advanced Warfare.


Judging from the tweets by NaDeSHoT of OpTic and Rambo Ray of Team EnVyUS eSports is going to have a good year with SHG in the driving seat.


Rambo the veteran is excited as well.


I can't wait for November to see what sledgehammer will do to support the continous (although hindered with ghosts) grow of eSports in call of duty.

FaZe Clan turns 4 years old

FaZe clan turned Four years old this week. They grow up so fast. Congrats to all those at FaZe for working hard to make FaZe Clan what it is today whether it be on Youtube or eSports it's doing damn fine.

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