So it's time for rostergeddon and I'll update this when another change occurs

FaZe Competitive

  • Chris "Parasite" Duarte who was released from Curse Atlanta last week has Joined FaZe Competitive's second team FaZe Black and will compete with FaZe censor, FaZe Formal and FaZe Saints as a team.
  • Dedo has joined FaZe Competitive after Parasite joined to team EnVyUS leaving an open spot on FaZe Black

Team Kaliber

Strictly Business

  • Tosh "Stainville" Mcgruder has left JustUs pro to fill in the 4th spot on the sB roster. This leaves JustUs without a single player and the posibility of losing their spot in the MLG pro league season 2.

Team EnVyUS

Vexx gaming

  • In a surprising event Saintt. (not FaZe Saints) was "sketched" on by Vexx Gaming who dropped him to pick up slasher. Leaving Saintt as a free agent and the Vexx Gaming roster as: slacked, slasher, pluto and huhdle

OpTic Gaming

  • Jordan "Proofy" Cannon announced he would Join OpTic gaming to compete with NaDeSHoT, Scumpii, Clayster.
  • OpTic's second team, the dormant "OpTic Nation" has been resurrected by OpTic Mboze but currently has no teammates beside himself.
  • It emerged from Hastr0 current manager of Team EnVyUS that OpTic was in talks to grab their players to fill out the OpTic nation roster
  • K1lla, Mirx (miracles) and Ricky have all been announced as part of the OpTic Nation Roster alongside Mboze leaving Strictly Business needing one to fill their roster by 5PM EST


  • Curse Youth has been released from the org leaving all players as Agents.

JusTus Pro

  • After the departure of the entire team earlier in the evening JusTus has announced their Season 2 roster.
  • Jonathan "SinFul" Baez
  • Cole "Doubt" Cook
  • Eric "Twizz" Servello
  • Mike "Blfire" G

That's all for now but check bakc for updates until the rosters lock tomorrow.

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