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    (This is gonna be REALLY lengthy and is not much more than a flaming rant, just a heads up.)
    First off, before I start, I hate MW3's campaign. Many people over on IRC have heard me complain about it for the last day or so, I figured I'd ask if anyone else besides me disliked MW3's campaign.

    I loved the campaigns for CoD4 and MW2. The stories were great, and were packed with action with bits of stealth to shake things up. However, MW3, to me at least, felt "slapped together" and had many moments where it felt like I was playing previous missions in new paint.

    First off, Makarov. He's slimmer, shaved, his hair and eyebrows look different, he's rolling in some professional attire, and has a noticeably different voice. Unless I missed something, …

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    Has anyone noticed...

    July 25, 2011 by D 47

    Has anyone noticed that the M1911 firing sound in Black Ops is similar to the PP7 firing sound in the original Goldeneye 007 (the one on the N64)?

    Not that it's important or anything, just wondered if anyone had ever noticed it.

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