(This is gonna be REALLY lengthy and is not much more than a flaming rant, just a heads up.) First off, before I start, I hate MW3's campaign. Many people over on IRC have heard me complain about it for the last day or so, I figured I'd ask if anyone else besides me disliked MW3's campaign.

I loved the campaigns for CoD4 and MW2. The stories were great, and were packed with action with bits of stealth to shake things up. However, MW3, to me at least, felt "slapped together" and had many moments where it felt like I was playing previous missions in new paint.

First off, Makarov. He's slimmer, shaved, his hair and eyebrows look different, he's rolling in some professional attire, and has a noticeably different voice. Unless I missed something, MW2 and MW3 happen close together, so I don't see how Makarov managed to go on an extreme Slim Fast diet, hit the beauty salon, then the tailors, and finally a hairdresser in such a short amount of time. And s for his voice, I don't even know how the hell you explain that.

Speaking of MW2 and 3, I find it odd Shepherd was only mentioned like, what, once? Also, the missions in the U.S. (and with the Delta Squad in general) seemed so generic. In MW2 it really felt immersive, making your way to the capital, and then finally fighting there. Here, the missions felt like any other shooting mission, just with a New York backdrop. The urgency just wasn't there.

Like I just said, many missions felt generic. HOWEVER, two missions stick out that made me feel like I was playing an old mission in new paint. First, "Blood Brothers". Maybe it was just a homage to CoD4, but having the level set up almost exactly like "One Shot, One Kill" felt cheap. And then, they *amg massive spolierz* killed Soap. Damn.

The flashbacks from that level were admittedly cool, since two out of three were plausible (the CoD4 flashbacks). However, the third, from "No Russian", just felt forced. This might be because obviously none of this crap happened in the actual MW2 level, but oh well.

The second mission was "Stronghold". You sneak in, plant C4 for your escape, take out guards without them finding out who you are, you gather intel, you make your way out with the aide of the C4 and escape in a vehicle. Sound familiar? *cough cough* Cliffhanger *cough cough*

Then, for the last part of the game. It felt like they just threw away Delta Squad at the end, and for the actual final mission... come on. Once again, mortally wounded, you're crawling towards a weapon to kill the bad guy. Nice. It felt forced and cheap, but hey, it was cool to finally take out Makarov.

Well, now that I'm done bitching and moaning, did anyone else share my feelings about the campaign, or am I lone wolf?


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