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Treyarch has released a new Live-Action trailer for the Revolution DLC pack called "The Replacer". The trailer offers some nice glimpses at all the new multiplayer maps, shows some cool shots of the new Peacekeeper and has a couple of clips of Turned and Die Rise to boot.

Revolution will be released on January 29th to Xbox 360 owners and is expected to come out a month later for PS3 and PC, as usual.

Leading up to Revolution release, Treyarch has also announced a Double XP weekend this weekend (Jan. 25th - 28th) so get ready to play some multiplayer this weekend!

For those who don't know, Revolution will include 4 Multiplayer maps, Hydro, Grind, Downhill, and Mirage, a new weapon for Multiplayer, the Peacekeeper, a new Zombies gamemode Turned and a new Zombies map Die Rise.

And for those of you wondering... yes Marlton is alive and in Die Rise.

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