Today marks 1 full year since I first started editing this Wiki. This year has been amazing. For the first time, I'm a part of an online community where I feel accepted, and feel like I actually have friends. I can't really describe how good it feels, I just can't. From IRC, to Blogs, to Chat I feel engaged in the community. I've learned a lot about debating and compromising from the War Room and through basic editing, and it's just... so great to be honest :).

So this is just really me saying thank you. IRC, thank you for entertaining me and keeping me distracted from schoolwork as long as possible ;). Chat, thanks for letting me lurk and ocassionally converse with you guys. Common editors who don't really go on either, thanks for editing beside me, and making my time here great. XBL friends, thanks for making me laugh and have fun playing CoD, Halo, etc. Thank You all.

I think you can tell by this point, I'm not very good with typing out how I feel. So I will end with one final thank you :).

Also, Swag.

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