So I've been a little nervous about posting this, for a very long time, but I'll give you some background on this project of mine.

I've been writing this story for nearly two years now, while working on the idea in my head for nearly three. It's a zombie apocalypse story, but I wanted to take the genre and add a new twist. I didn't want to make another Walking Dead or George Romero story, I wanted it to be my own story and I think it really shows the farther you get into it.

I've had a lot of help from users here on the wiki, and I'd like to thank Cod4, Madness, Diego, DarkMetroid, DBD, Metl, Argo, Sam, Batman, Aug and anyone else who has offered me even a little advice on where to take the story and how to go about writing.

More specifically though, I'd like to thank KATNAGOD for all the help he really has given me. He's given me tons of idea's and support throughout the two years i've been working on this story, and I really don't think I would have gotten as into the idea of writing as I am without his help.

The story, as it stands, is 40 chapters long, 66 pages, and 27000+ words. It's been a long time coming, and it's not nearly over yet. It's a long, long story I have in my head and it's gonna take a long, long time to get it all down, and that's not even including revisions of the story to increase it's quality. I plan to keep updating the story for as long as it takes, so if you reach the end, fear not! More story will be coming soon.

Anyway, I've gone on this little rant cause I've chosen today to post this story on the wiki for further feedback. All I ask is that you try reading it. If it bores you and you can't keep reading past the first couple chapters, don't stress about it. If it excites you and you can't stop reading, that's great! All I want is some feedback, negative or positive. It can be about anything, writing style, spelling, grammar, story, character development, setting.... anything. Feedback would just be really nice :).

Without further annoying text, here is a link to the story enjoy!

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