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YouTubers TWiiNSANE continue to find interesting new information that links to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 DLC. Previously, they found two dates for the final two downloadable-content packs, one of which was confirmed to be true just yesterday.

Recently, while scanning through code on the PS3 version of the game, the youtubers found coding that related to DLC's for the game. According to TWiiNSANE, DLC0 is Nuketown 2025 while DLCZM0 is Nuketown Zombies. DLC1-4 are clearly Revolution, Uprising, Vengeance and Map Pack 4. In addition, the season pass is also mentioned in this code.

What they found that was fairly interesting however was a line of code that reads "MENU_DLC5_MAPS", which would seem to imply that another map pack is on the way after the fourth one for Black Ops II.

While this could mean many different things, we currently have no information on the nature of this DLC. It could be another standard map pack, it could be a single map, it could be another Rezzurrection style download, or it could be meaningless placeholder code. Who knows?

What do you think this DLC 5 could be?

Black Ops 2 DLC5?! Single Multiplayer Zombies Map? (PS3 Coding)04:03

Black Ops 2 DLC5?! Single Multiplayer Zombies Map? (PS3 Coding)

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