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A recent post on the forums by a Treyarch dev has revealed a lot of the details surrounding Call of Duty: Black Ops II's Multiplayer Rank progression and Create-A-Class.

Full Post (Taken from the forum post and written by Vahn)


As we in the final stages of working out our level and unlock progression and I wanted to share with you an update on where we are.

This post, like my Dead Silence vs Awarness thread, is to get you educated, set your expectations, while taking constructive feedback. Please keep your replies on topic and clean. This thread will be heavily moderated.

Black Ops 2 has 55 levels in it. The total amount of XP is very similar to the amount needed to prestige in World at War and Modern Warfare 1. I'd say it's easier to level up, because you earn more XP than ever before with our Medals, Challenges we make available to you, as well as the leveling up guns themselves which grant bonus XP.

You unlock Create a Class at level 4, just like our last game. You get 1 unlock token every time you level up. So at level 4, you have 4 tokens.

At level 4, we give you about a dozen things you can equip "for free." This means you don't have to spend an unlock token on them. It's effectivelly one item from each category.

   1 Assault Rifle
   1 SMG
   1 LMG
   1 Shotgun
   1 Sniper Rifle
   1 Perk from each of the 3 perk categories
   1 lethal grenade
   1 tactical grenade/equipment

We also give you about a dozen things you can spend your unlock tokens on. 1 item from each category, plus you can unlock a Wildcard with an unlock token.

You get a perk at level 5. You get equipment at level 6.

At level 7 we unlock Scorestreaks. You get 3 for free and 3 you can optionally spend unlock tokens on.

At level 8 we give you a Perk. At level 9 we give you new Scorestreak.

At level 10, we start to settle into a pattern. Their are exceptions, but the pattern is generally like this. At every major rank change, which is every 3 levels, we give you a gun and usually "something else" as a bonus for reaching a major rank change.

In general, it goes like this.

   Level 10 - Weapon + Something Else
   Level 11 - Equipment (either lethal or tatical).
   Level 12 - Scorestreak

This pattern then repeats through all 55 levels with some minor statstical variations or bonuses when they make sense and because they math can't be perfect.

I'll take feedback about where you feel any piece of equipment should be in the progression, but please provide a logical (non-emotional) reason for that.

We will do at least one more pass before we finalize this progression systems so I'll take inputs.

*Cited content ends here*

So how do you feel about Black Ops II's rank progression system?



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