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Black Ops II Zombies Reveal Released

Damac1214 September 26, 2012 User blog:Damac1214
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The Official Call of Duty: Black Ops II Zombies reveal trailer has been released! New features galore, including what looks like a new wonder weapon!

Plus, we have some information about the new Story Driven campaign and 8 player experience, coming from [1].

New Features List

  • New Playable Characters
  • New Campaign Mode, known as "Tranzit"
  • The Return of "Survival Mode" from World at War and Black Ops
  • Weapons from the Main Black Ops II Campaign, previous versions of Zombies, and specific to Zombie Mode
  • New "buildable" weapons in Tranzit
  • Zombies Specific Assault Shield, possibly a buildable
  • New Grief mode, which is a Zombies 4v4 gamemmode
  • CIA and CDC as playable factions
  • New Zombie types, including what appears to be a flaming zombie
  • Custom games, with modifiers such as what round you start on, headshots only, and removal of things such as the Mystery Box, Pack-A-Punch, etc. from a map.
  • Leaderboards, Stat Tracking, and Skill based Matchmaking
  • Tranzit's story is a continuation of Moon


Here is the song from the trailer, Avenged Sevenfold's "Carry On"


Some Stuff You May Not Have Noticed

Good ol' Joseph Tan noticed a BUNCH of stuff in the trailer that i'm sure most of us did not, here are all his findings (taken from the comments section, posted here for easy access)

  • The bus driver's hat is blue and yellow so it's definitely not Richtofen. He doesn't even have any arms...
  • We now have to worry about lava.
  • Getting the parts for the Assault Door. Plus some gasoline?
  • Blueprints of something... (For the Assault Door, maybe?)
  • Another blueprint. (So what else can we make? Hmm...)
  • A calculator watch, a tie, a pocket protector and gigantic glasses that are taped together. Pfft, neeeeeeeeeeeeeeerd. Also, maybe that calculator watch is saying something important? Can't make it out.
  • Right here you can see the bus driver is a robot. Also, the bus has a ram-thingy, so maybe that leaked achievement that said that you could upgrade the bus was right.
  • Here's a very nice overview of the map by TrueHeads.
  • That black thing behind the zombie... it can't be seen in the reveal trailer. What is it? It says PAP --RA or something... (There was a leaked achievement that said "Dance On My Grave - Acquire your Tombstone. Hmm...)
  • This map takes place at night, right? Why is there a sun? Or is Richtofen plotting something up there on the moon?
  • Spot the difference. These are all from the video above. (Get it together, Treyarch.)
  • They got rammed by a bus, why did the explode?
  • What is this? A ladder for ants?


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