Alright, so i'm happy to be back to doing reviews once again! Anyway, today i'm here to review Call of duty: Modern Warfare 3, the 2011 installment in the Call of duty franchise. The game has been out for nearly two months now, and thus i've given it some time to sink in, see how I really feel about it, and not be clouded by the excitement of release day.


The Campaigns gameplay is the standard we have come to expect. Your put into the perspective of a soldier, your a given a weapon, and told to shoot enemies while moving from point A to point B. This is all intersparsed with certain scripted moments, such as manning a turret, or cinematic moments, such as being knocked backwards by a bomb you didn't know was there. Unlike it's predecessor, Call of Duty: Black Ops , these Scripted and Cinematic moments are used much less often, but still enough that the awe you feel at the start of Black Tuesday, when you climb out of a destroyed jeep only to see a rocket hit a building overhead, may be gone by the time you reach the final moments of Down The Rabbit Hole, and are pulled backwards into a helicopter while enemies surround you. The core gameplay remains fast and fun though, and new twists such as Shifting between a foot soldier and an AC-130 in some missions adds to the fun of the campaign.

The Campaigns main strong point is the writing, direction, and art. While there are some negatives, such as a couple minor plot-holes here and there and some characters (Notably Soap and Sandman ) being outright blank slates with little characterization, the story is still top notch. From the Second you step into the streets of New York City, you feel the scale and epicness of the campaign. You get a sense of the desperation and destruction the Russians have brought to New York as you fight through the streets, and this continues for the rest of the game.

The Main Highlight of the campaign is Captain Price. His character is fleshed out in full for the first time in the series, he's no longer an old war veteran or an unstoppable force, he is a human being with emotions and a plan. One of the best scenes in the whole game is when Soap passes away and Price shakes his friend and screams for him to come back. Every line he speaks sounds like it's meant to be a famous war quote at some point, and while this gets corny eventually, it doesn't make his last quotes, especially "This one's for Soap" any less impactful.

Overall, while it's still the CoD campaign we have come to know, MW3's campaign is probably one of the best in the series.

Special Ops

Mission Mode

The returning Mission Mode is a fun diversion (or continuation, gameplay wise) from the campaign mode. Mission Mode allows one or two players to perform missions together, with most objectives being unique to Spec Ops and not featured in campaign. One very notable Spec Ops mission is "Hostage Taker" which put's the player into the role of an FSO agent who must single-handedly use stealth and cunning to quietly slip past and take out guards while making his way to the Russian Presidents daughter. This mission specifically highlights what mission mode is, a fun diversion which changes the dynamics of gameplay and can be done with a partner.

There are some players who will find Mission Mode a disappointment though, as it is smaller than MW2's Spec Ops mode.


Not much to say about this one really. Survival is a fun diversion as well, and the ranking system for unlocks is a big plus that keeps you coming back. But the lack of exclusive maps, the two player limit, and the relatively easy difficulty (Until like round 25 when it makes a sudden shift) make it hard to continuously play over and over. Its a good first attempt by IW, but it needs some work.


Multiplayer I have the least too say about, because it's the COD multiplayer I have come to know and love. I love the addition of proficiencies and the point streak system however, two very good and strong additions to multiplayer, as well as the more balanced perk system. Other than that though, their isn't too much improvement.


Campaign: 9.5/10

Spec Ops: 7.8/10

Multiplayer: 8.5/10

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