It's that time of year when the news and hype surrounding the newest Call of Duty game starts it's rapid growing process, and this year is no different. Activision has been uncharacteristically tight lipped about this years Call of Duty, barely speaking about it and without even hinting at a reveal via Viral marketing like they have in the past. The most Activision has said about the game is that Sledgehammer Games will be developing it, and they recently released a highly detailed pic of a single soldier's face in the game. Additionally, there haven't been very many substantial leaks, especially not on the scale of the kind of leaks Black Ops II and Ghosts were facing around this time.

However, thanks to MP1st, we now have confirmation that Call of Duty 2014, codenamed "Blacksmith", will be revealed in May, and early May it seems like. Black Ops II and Ghosts first got their official announcements on May 1st, with Black Ops II getting a reveal trailer and Ghosts getting a teaser. While it seems slightly less likely that Blacksmith will be getting any kind of announcement tomorrow, it does not seem at all out of the realm of possibility that we will see an announcement within the coming weeks.

It is still unconfirmed what the games actual title is, as well as what it's connections to the Modern Warfare franchise (if any) will be. "Blacksmith" is, as far as anyone is concerned at this point, just a codename.

Source: MP1st

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