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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is released!

Just now, the Call of Duty home website updated to show a very shaky and unclear image, as well as a countdown timer which, as of now, has 2 Days and 22 Hours left to countdown. The shaky image also has several white dots on it, dots that link to articles about Private Military companies leading one to wonder if this new game will actually be about soldiers from a Private Military Company, a rather large change from previous games.


Sledgehammer later tweeted that the reveal will happen on May 4th, confirming the date. Gameinformer also revealed that they will be covering Call of Duty 2014 after the reveal on Sunday, and revealed to us the first true in game screenshot of the game


The picture displays two characters in a clearly dangerous situation, but interestingly enough, they seem to be using some sort of futuristic guns and equipment, leading one to wonder how far in the future this Call of Duty is set.

Source: Gameinformer

A New Era is Here. Call of Duty 2014

Update 1 - Superpower for Hire

Activision has just realeased a semi-teaser for Call of Duty 2014, called "Superpower for Hire". The video confirms that the story will center on Private Military Companies, and also seems to confirm to futuristic setting of the game.

Call of Duty® - Superpower For Hire03:42

Call of Duty® - Superpower For Hire

Update 2 - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare seems to be digging up some evidence that Call of Duty 2014 may be subtitled "Advanced Warfare", or that the initials "A. W" will at least have something to do with the subtitle. Charlieintel writes:

"It’s looking more and more likely that the next Call of Duty will be called “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” or at least have the initials ‘A.W.” for the sub brand. Earlier today when the CoD reveal begain, there was a single image on the official Call of Duty Google Plus page that was named “COD_AW_Google_Header.jpg“. Its also well know that Activision has owned the rights to “Advanced Warfare” along with other similar names since March 11th, 2010. And seeing as how the next CoD seems based in the future or near future, this is the best lead we have at the moment. If you remember, Drif0r also described a futuristic gun that had blue text, symbol looked like an “A over a W” that was stamped on gun… We’ll know for sure Sunday. Stay tuned."
— Charlieintel

In addition to Activision owning the Advanced Warfare trademark, we also know from a couple years back that they also own the "Future Warfare" trademark, so there's that.

Source: Charlieintel Source: Trademarkia

Update 3 - Kevin Spacey

Call of Duty has just uploaded a new Instagram, teasing the new Antagonist of Call of Duty 2014, portrayed by Kevin Spacey.

Call of Duty® - A New Era Arrives May 4th00:13

Call of Duty® - A New Era Arrives May 4th

Source: Instagram

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