In an interview with IGN, Activision Publishings CEO, Eric Hirshberg, confirmed Sledgehammer’s upcoming Call of Duty game is being developed primarily for next-gen platforms.  The news follows up last weeks confirmation that Sledgehammer was developing 2014’s Call of Duty game and that the series was moving into a Three Year Development Cycle.

"Sledgehammer is approaching this as a next-gen-first development. Obviously in the console-transition year, anyone who developed a cross-generational game last year had to deal with the fact that the technology of the next-gen platforms was still coming into focus and changing quite a bit during the development process…. Now that we have the next-gen hardware out in the marketplace and solid, that is our primary development."
— Eric Hirshberg

Hirshberg went on to confirm that Last-Gen versions of the game will still be developed, as Activision is looking at 2014 as another year in the console transition and they don't want to leave all their fans who are staying last-gen for awhile in the dust. However, his statements do imply that the last-gen versions will be inferior to the the next-gen versions in more ways then just visuals. This is unlike the series most recent release, Call of Duty: Ghosts, which was essentially consistent across all platforms.

There were no statements about how the Wii U, which is stuck in pretty much the middle ground between the generations of consoles, would be affected by this.

What do you think of this news? How do you want to see Sledgehammer take advantage of the newer hardware? How different do you expect the next and last gen versions to be?



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