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Alright yo, it's a little late night where I am (4 AM to be exact) and I'm ever so belligerent but we're gonna do the news now so here goes.

Call of Duty News

(We don't have a shitton of News Blogs on this, so some of this stuff isn't gonna be linked)

  • James C. Burns (Voice of Woods in Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: Black Ops II) set to develop new movie called ‘Nam Zombies’
  • A new Alien 4 Player Co-Op Survival Mode for Call of Duty: ghosts has been leaked and hinted at.
  • In-game lobby music has been released as a ringtone for all y'all that wanna bump to some mundane shit.
  • The Call of Duty: Ghosts Squads mode trailer was released. This game has Co-Op yo.
  • The Achievements for Ghosts, and the secret achievements, have been revealed. Get ready to finna grind grind.

All this info can be found in more detail at our friends CharlieIntel [1]. Sorry for not having any news blogs, we been finna slow slow as of late.

Community News

Shit we got some stuff going on here, to begin with:

To the female who just screamed outside my window, shut yo mouth please. Finna go night night soonsies

Other News

  • Breaking Bad ended, and Walking Dead isn't back til next week so there's nothing to watch this Sunday :'(
  • Grand Theft Auto: Online was released to much Controversy.
  • Marvel's Agents of Shield is a great show and you should give it a watch. It's on ABC on Tuesdays, so make your weekday night a little less boring. (APPARENTLY IT'S FRIDAYS IN THE UK, WEDNESDAYS IN CHILE, AND NEVER IN FINLAND!)
  • Battlefield 4's beta has been released to the general public. The PC version plays great, but the console version is just a super watered down version of BF3 with more glitches.
  • Shit, I'm all out of other news. I'll try and add stuff I see in the comments.


Jln0iye.gif The Walking Dead is back next week anyway... so why not

Finna go Night Night

Peace yo, hit me up with some funny jokes in the comments section. Or berate me. Or both. Or send me some Snack Pack. I honestly don't care. Just stay belligerent my friends. Stay belligerent.

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