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Damac1214 January 7, 2012 User blog:Damac1214

Hello, i'm here just to show off a pretty crazy game mode that me and a couple of The Guys thought up and played.The game mode was so awesome, I thought I'd share it with the community here.


soem Survivors, casually holding out on top of a helicopter


You must choose the infection game mode and follow these steps:


  • No Custom Classes - All Humans must use the same class
  • Scavenger and Hardline are the only two Perks, and there are no deathstreaks


  • No Custom Classes
    Trophy Systems Third Person MW3
  • No Perks are provided, but Final Stand is provided for zombies


  • Health is set so that Zombies can kill with one bash from a riot shield


  • When playing, it is advised to find a high location to hide on top of, (i.e a Truck)
  • This game mode will make you realize something, you can get kills with Trophy Systems

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