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Ohhi, I'm Damac1214 and I'm doing the news this week because nubs 1, 2, and 3 aren't around to do it and Kat the Cat is busy. So here goes nothing.

Call of Duty News

Community and Other News

  • The War Room has several important topics in it right now, a very important one about the possibility of implementing a Request for Chat Mod. You should stop by and check it out.
  • The Olympics Closing Ceremonies were today!
  • I'm currently watching the Newest episode of Breaking Bad, something everyone should be watching.
  • The Wiki's Twitter account hit 1850 followers!


So I went too see the Dark Knight Rises again, so Here's the simple question. Who was better, Tom Hardy's Bane or Heath Ledger's Joker?

Who's the best?

The poll was created at 02:32 on August 13, 2012, and so far 168 people voted.


Well, thanks for sticking with me through my first community news. And now to finish it off, here's Ronald McDonald bullying some poor women.

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