The Call of Duty: ELITE website has revealed a sweepstakes known as the "Roll Call Content Drop Sneak Peek" is coming to Modern Warfare 3. The sweepstakes will allow the winners early access to the upcoming DLC gamemode Roll Call. There are no details on the mechanics of Roll Call however, all we know is that it will be coming to us as a Content Drop in the near future. It is possible it will fill the "Classified" slot on the content calendar for August. Players can read the full rules for the early admission sweepstakes here [1], just click on "Full Rules". Entering the contest, however, appears to have ended.

Also, it appears that the September content drops, the Final DLC for MW3, have been leaked. Images and videos of maps known as "Parish", "Gulch", and "Boardwalk" have been seen on sites such as youtube and charlieintel, and are believed to relate to the September drops, as September contains 3 multiplayer maps.

X0POM.jpg 73dGe.jpg JimgX.jpg


[2] - Roll Call [3] - Leaked Map pics

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