So, we are a little more than a month away from Call of Duty: Black Ops II's release and I just thought i'd speak about why I truly feel Black Ops II is going to be a good and, dare I say it, change up Call of Duty games (at least a bit). So here are some of my reasons. Not all, but the important ones.


The Campaign Actually Sounds More Interesting Than Any Other Call of Duty Game Before

This statement I'm going to go into a bit of detail on. I do not hate, or even dislike, ANY Call of Duty campaigns. They are actually the main reason I buy the games. My one gripe is that, since Call of Duty 4, they've all pretty much had the same formula. Here's a villain who has no background and he's about to destroy/takeover the world, now shoot through some narrow corridors for a few levels until you stop him, and we'll kill a couple characters along the way for good measure. What I like about what we've been hearing about Black Ops II's campaign, is that it's not going to be like that. Raul Menendez actually sounds like a pretty cool villain, made cooler by the fact that he's not a Russian trying to launch Missles of some kind at the United States. Add in the fact that his story will be fleshed out in BOTH the 1980 and 2025 campaigns, and you've got the workings of a really cool villain. Now we add in the Two different time eras, the branching storyline, and the (from what I can tell) largest singleplayer levels we've gotten since MW2, and you really have the workings of a great campaign.

The Story Itself is one I've Never Heard Of

A man becomes a viral sensation and sparks a revolution in America, THEN takes over the drone armys of America? That's not a story that get's done a lot.

I Don't Particularly Care That Woods is Alive

Yeah, yeah I know we all thought he died for sure in Black Ops, and it seems almost impossible to bring him back. Still, the inclusion of a single character isn't going to break the whole game for me.

The Creativity Level are Off the Charts

From the drones, to the weapons, to the story, to the characters, everything about Black Ops II's depiction of the future is new, and to most extents, original.

Pick 10 Create a Class and Scorestreaks Look Like They Will Change Multiplayer for the Better

Maybe I'm just a sucker for these kinds of things, but Scorestreaks are the system that we should have started with. Pick 10 though, sounds like an incredible improvement, and I cannot wait to try it out in the game.

Expansion of Zombies

Everything they've said about zombies, I simply cannot wait for. Enough said.

So yeah, those are my reasons.