So now with two days til Moon, I'm doing perk-a-cola. I wonder what I'll do next...

As always, i'll update this after moon comes out. And these are my opinions, your entitled to your own.

From worst to best, this list was hard to decide but here it is.

8. Deadshot Daiquiri: Despite being a perk that has a combat benefit, increasing accuracy and likeliness of a headshot, as well as a low price of 1500 (1000 on PC), Deadshot isn't something you want to buy when you only have four per slots. It can't stand up in usefulness to any of the other perks.

7.Stamin-Up: Unless your a runner, which is most likely only on Call of the Dead, your not going to want this perk. Even though its only 2000, its a waste if your plan is to camp.

6. Double Tap Root Beer: On some weapons its alright, namely the MP40 and HK21, but on others it will burn through your ammo to quickly, and the chance of wasting ammo is even higher.

5. PhD Flopper: The only time it sees true use is on Ascension, where there are actual chances to flop. Anywhere else, you should just take it if you have a ray gun or scavenger. Though the lack of fall damage is a nice touch on Call of the Dead.

4. Quick Revive: Quickly rescuing your allies is always a great thing to have, but if your allies die, or your playing alone in World at War, this perk is useless.

3. Speed Cola: Quickly being able to reload lets your mind relax just that much more, though it may burn through ammo, especially with double tap, it is a necessity to survival.

2. Quick Revive (Solo)- Being able to go down and be revived with NO help? Yeah I can do that. Thats without mentioning the 500 point cost or free Mustang and Sally. Its got one flaw, only three purchases.

1. Juggernog: Simply put, you live longer, and as the player, you feel stronger. This is truly the only necessary perk.

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