So with Moon fas approaching, why not do another ranking related to zombies? This time its Wonder Weapons, from "Worst" to best. Remember this is my OPINION. It does not mean i'm right, it just means I think i'm right. :)

This will be updated after moon comes out.

13. V-R11: Honestly, this gun had a lot going for it. Turning zombies into humans? Hell yeah! Too bad it ended up being a hell no. The V-R11 resurrected the zombies into spineless, suicidal, suit wearing men who saw no value in their new found health. Had the men ran to a weapon outline, grabbed a gun, and started fighting for you, maybe my reaction would be a little different. Even though the zombies are supposed to be attracted to these idiots, only one or two will follow him, the rest will still be chasing you. The final straw is the useless secondary attack when pack a punched, fire three shots of your low ammo weapon to kill one zombie? No thank you. The one redeeming quality is when you shoot allies. Zombie run away from the ally when un-pack-a-punched and the ally gets instakill when upgraded

12. Matryoshka Dolls: This one is simple. Unless their is a horde of zombies running behind you, this weapon is useless. Its unpredictable, and you can't use it to cover yourself like a monkey or gersch device.

11. 31-79 JGb215: Honestly, I don't see whats so special about this weapon. The fact that the zombies can hurt you when their shrunken, and they don't remain shrunken, take away from what this weapon could be. Though it can hit multiple zombies, and the shrieker and napalm variants, overall its lacking in execution.

10. Winters Howl: The freeze ray is the perfect idea for the sci-fi rich zombie atmosphere. The only problem is that it takes two shots to freeze a zombie. The fact that one shot just gives them a slight chill and slows them down, does not make it a life saver or anything interesting.

9. Wave Gun: I'd place it higher if it didn't feel like a poorer version of the Thundergun. It doesn't go through zombies which can be a real pain against hordes. It does have a wide area of affect though, so thats helpful.

8. Ray Gun: I do like the Ray Gun, I always get that feeling of excitement when I get one. But since it loses its one hit kill by round 18, and starts making tons of crawlers mid round, it can get annoying. Unless you have PhD Flopper, the splash damage will get annoying too, especially when in tight situations.

7. QED- Its wide variety of affects are awesome, but its the "curses that put it lower on the list.

6. Monkey Bombs: Providing you with a moment to breathe is always welcome, and the creepy little voice and the song just add to the charm.

5. Gersch Device: This beats out the monkeys for two reasons. I prefer the gigantic black hole over a dancing monkey, and two, it doubles as a teleporter.

4. Zap Gun- The high amount of ammo and lethality make this gun awesome to use. The dual wield can take a little getting used to, but al in all its worth it.

3. Scavenger: A sniper rifle which can blow literally every zombie into oblivion? Yeah sign me up. Its also incredibly effective against George, and its long distance capabilities allow you to support allies from afar.

2. Wuderwaffe DG-2: The ability to take out ten zombies, let alone 20 upgraded, in one shot on any round is an awesome prospect. Combine that with a good amount of reserve ammo, a cool design, and lightning, and you have yourself one awesome gun. The one flaw, you get hit by the lightning, and even with juggernog your down in a couple hits.

1. Thundergun: This is incredibly simple. You fire it once, it clears out a whole room of Zombies. Even if it doesn't kill them, it knocks them down. That gives you a chance to run, reload, or just calm yourself and prepare for the next attack.

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