I just felt like posting a ranking list of the Zombie Maps in my personal opinion, with reasons of course. The ranks are based on how they were at initial release.

1. Call of the Dead- Wide open space is a big pro in this map, allowing you to run around and take multiple routes to different places. Action never seems to end as camping is negated by a lack of traps and funneling locations, and George. The 7 perks are one of the most outstanding features of the map, along with the 5 wonder weapons. The map presents some challenges with its layout, especially the Pack-a-Punch and Mystery box spawns, the weather system, and the multiple zombies spawning from the ground, but is all around my favorite map.

2. Moon- Although Moon ditches any resemblance of a horror theme, it adds so much to the game that its almost not fair that it is in second place. The Wave Gun/Zap gun is amazing, the QED is mysterious, and the Hacker is awesome. The new gravity adds new strategy to the map, while the return of gas zombies, as the new phaser zombie, attempt to counter act much of the strategy. Moon is also host to a awesome new easter egg and brand new power-ups. Hosting an Over the top atmosphere doesn't even hurt my opinion. The only truly negative feature is the difficulty in obtaining Juggernog due to having to teleport to Area 51.

3. Der Riese- The atmosphere is just perfect here. The creepy, blood filled hallways, and the disgusting looking zombies, are enough to freak someone out. The new weapons, Bowie Knife and Monkey bombs, add new tactics to zombies that one may have never considered, while the layout of the map begins to introduce players to run and gun strategies. However the big feature is the teleporters, offering an incredible tactical experience, as you decide when the best time to use it is. The map has its flaws, camping is a little easy at some points and weapons seem to be in not great places. But the map is overall a fun experience.

4. Kino der Toten- The theatre is an unusual location for a zombie map, but it works. The ruined nazi theatre is creepy, and its many Easter eggs fun to find. The new thundergun is a great new toy, blasting away whole hordes of zombies, and the new teleporter system provides a nice break from the zombie storm. The new power-up, Fire sale, is also a fun little treat. It offers a little something for everyone, campers and runners, as both are rewarding. Though running, especially with the MP40 spawn location, may make the map a little to easy. The new enemies, crawler zombies, are the only unwelcome gift. Doing little more than bother you by making you aim low, and blurring your screen with a cloud of Nova Gas.

5. Nacht der Untoten- The simplicity of this map is its strong point. The creepy fog filled atmosphere, the strange writing on the walls, and the mysterious origin of the zombies and ray gun leave the player scared and confused. The few camping spots and small space means you will be begging for a little breathing room, as the undead are relentless.

6. Shi No Numa- The map has its flaws, such as the tight spaces, random perks, and difficult mystery box spawns. But combined with the appearance of our heroes, the WunderWaffe, the ability to run around and dodge zombies, and a couple small enhancements, the map can provide an enjoyable experience for anyone.

7. Shangri-La- The temple is an interesting choice for a zombie map, though the smaller size, smaller wonder weapon count, smaller power-up count, and smaller moving space make it a step down from Call of the Dead. The map has redeeming factors. The Shrink Ray adds an interesting spice to the game, comparable to the Wunderwaffe from earlier maps. The four new zombie types, as well as thier unique abilities also add to the excitement. However, the unpredictability of the maps perks and some of its traps, force the players to adopt strategies on the fly. A pain for both runners and campers. The temple just doesn't hold up to its predecessor.

8. Ascension- Though at first, the map will amaze you with its large play space, new weapons, and interesting traps. Ascension plays too much the campers, easily being able to hold out to round 30, just makes the map less fun. And while the monkeys, and the new perk bottle, are a nice touch. It can't really save this map from being boring. Its not that its bad, it just wears on you too easily. The layout is nice though, and is one of the best looking zombie maps to date.

9. Verruckt- The asylum is little more than a larger version of the first map. Though it adds what have become standard zombie game pieces, such as traps, perks, the teddy bear, and easter eggs. The maps cons out way the pros. The multiple windows make the map hard to defend, the sprinting zombies ruin almost every camping strategy, and the small layout with only two possible routes, forward or backward, nearly negates running. Though it was a huge improvement at the time, it now is nothing more than a sad memory.

10. "Five"- Though the idea of playing as real people, let alone presidents and other high ranking government officials, five serves as a poor map that seems to have been rushed, simply to get a second zombie map in the base game. The new wonder weapon, the winters fury, is weak, taking two shots of precious ammo to kill. The teleporter system is confusing, and the fact that zombies can use it too makes the whole situation even more difficult. The thief is frustrating and hard to follow due to the teleporters, and the elevators, three floors like mazes with little space, and teleporters negate an running strategy. The one saving grace is the defcon room, a campers dream.

11. Dead Ops Arcade- Simply put, never change up the mechanics of a loved game. Despite a truly good attempt and a whole hearted "Co-op campaign" Dead ops isn't what we wanted, and falls flat on its face as the worst zombie map in my book.

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