Alright, so this is either my second to last or last bog before Moon comes out. This one is on the various types of zombies.

I ranked this on a couple things:

Design- How interesting the creature looks and any evolution the design may have seen

Challenge- How much or how little of a challenge the zombie is

Ability- The "Special Ability" each type has, and how special it is.

Frustration- How easily I get frustrated with the zombie.

As always, this will be updated after Moon is released, and is just my opinion. This list does not inclued Dead Ops Arcade zombies.

From worst to best:

9. George A. Romero: I think we can all admit that George is incredibly awful. His appearance is boring and uninteresting unless he's angry. His ridiculously high health and capability of getting angry with the player after one shot just make him a truly annoying enemy to face. Though he makes the game more interesting by eliminating camping to an extent, he truly is the worst zombies enemy,

8. Pentagon Thief: He is interesting to look at, and I would love to know about his backstory. Too bad every time you see him he steals your weapon. You are then forced to chase him through a confusing teleporter system that seems to change up every time you use it. The only pro to his appearance s a chance at a bonfire sale.

7. Space Monkeys: These guys just feel unpolished. Their attacks are confusing at first, but later easy to avoid. Their attacks on perk machines seem to have varying levels of effectiveness and difficulty, and their appearance alone is simply boring.

6. Crawler Zombie: You have to aim low and they obscure your vision. Their tedious to fight, but at least aren't as strong or fast as zombies, balancing them out a little. They are interesting to look at however, in a gross out kind of way.

5. Zombie Monkey: They offer an interesting new dynamic to power-up collecting. YOu can no longer wait out a nuke or insta kill to try and milk more points before you use it. But you can try and trade a carpenter for a max ammo, or even a max ammo for a perk bottle! They also look much cooler than the space monkeys look, more disgusting and zombie like.

4. Shrieker Zombie: These things are scary and fast, and blurring your vision is even worse. They enter the battlefield in a tornado and then run and try to kill you with sound and fists. Too bad they are just too weak to justify their badassery.

3. Hellhounds: Bloody, flaming dogs of hell that spawn from lighting bolts hitting the ground and then charge at you, barking demonic barks? I may have just shit my paints a little. Only problem, their too weak, both in attack and defense.

2. Napalm Zombie: The way they lumber toward you, burning the ground with every step you take, is creepy enough. But the fact that they then explode, and leave a large zombie killing fire, is awesome. And that death sprint they do sometimes is the single most imposing thing in the world.

1. Zombies- Lets admit it, when you first played Nacht der Untoten and saw these things lumbering around in the mist, your heart started racing. These things get creepier and creepier looking with every installment, and they've probably killed more players than all the other enemies combined.

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