So I've been seeing alot of these "Reasons I hate Black Ops" Blog post come up again. Infinity Ward fan boys suck, a lot. And I'll admit, I was on the bandwagon when MW2 came out. I was all like "Hell yeah this is Awesome!" but then I was like "Oh fuck does this suck." And here are my reasons.

1. Campaign sucks, the story is incoherent, scripted, and unrealistic. Russia just so happens to invade the U.S without anyone knowing of their plans and because of one terrorist attack? I don't think so.

2. Spec Ops Sucks. No it's not like Mile High Club IW and no it's not like zombies Mr. Positive. It's an attempt at repackaging the campaign and certain cut missions to extend game play time, but it doesn't work.

3. What the fuck is everyones deal with Ghost? He wears a skull mask, get over it. He doesn't do anything extraordinary until he is shot by Shepard.

4. Lack of a .44 Magnum in solo is disappointing.

5. Do you feel like you had a big impact on the story? Because let me tell you something. Ramirezs storyline ends with you and AN ARMY OF US RANGERS taking the white house and TF141's story ends with you killing Shepard after he essentially killed everyone else.

6. No Russian is boring, and its not artistically interesting. Don't lie to yourself.

7. That underwater scene from the trailer is like 5 seconds long and theres no combat or free movement.

8. Soap is an NPC for most of the game, and price is only in half of it. Way to fuck up your two leading characters.

9. No mission variety whatsoever. Run here shoot there.

10. Fuck the Space mission, its just a cutscene. Not anything special or cool.

11. One Man Army pro, Cold Blooded Pro, and Ninja Pro are a campers dream.

12. The Maps are MADE for campers, with all their glitches, secret spots and poorly designed window placements and hallways.

13. Noob Tubes are at their worst, specially with Scavenger Pro and Danger Close Pro.

14. The New "Running Class". It's an FPS, not a ninja simulator.

15. Fucking Killstreaks, overpowered and easy to get.

16. Tactical Nuke, ruins any game experience.

17. Wasteland map, gets a special mention for sucking so hard.

18. The AK-47 requires you to get to level 70, who the fuck wants it that badly to STAY level 70

19. Fucking FMJ instead of Deep Impact

20. Stopping Power Pro, who the fuck fires bullets at a helicopter?

21. Chopper Gunner is not as cool as Ac130, but chopper gunner is better

22. People who think their hardcore gamers because they play MW2

23. the 15$ DLC was introduce with MW2

24. 2 DLC's and only 6 new maps. Black ops had 4 DLCs with 12 new maps, double MW2. No one cares about the 4 COD 4 Maps except for Crash

25. Weed related titles like "Blunt Trauma". Just so every 12 year old kid in the world can pretend they know what weed is.

26. Model 1887s are still a bitch even after the patch.

27. Maps are so big, they actually aren't enjoyable.

28. Boosters.

29. Modders/Hackers

30. Glitchers

31. Campers

32. No Zombies, because IW doesn't want to admit Black Ops beat them this one time.

33. Unlocking Useless attachments, Red Dot > Holographic, ACOG > Thermal, Grenade Launcher > Shotgun, etc.

34. Heartbeat Sensor is a way to make campers even more efficent, and piss more people off with your game.

35. Really just a pet peeve, but no special gun models for extended mags

36. Machine Pistols, as If campers and runners needed anymore help in this game.

37. Riot shield being able to absorb the blast of a predator misslie or a barrage of harrier bullets and not break. Plus the person gets XP for it.

38. Trash talkers. I seriously find you hilariously sad people.

39. No team play even in team based games. Its always everyman for himself.

40. Ricochet game modes.

41. UMP45 is over powered an Noobified

42. Lack of equipment slot, equipment and grenades are not the same thing. Frags, Semtex, and to an extent Throwing knives are grenades. C4, Claymores, Tactical Insertions, and Blast Shield are not.

43. Tactical Insertion, continuing the campers dream.

44. Blast Shield does not equal Flak Jacket.

45. Scavenger of Noob Tubes and Claymores.

46. Rage Quitters, very common sight, and usually the host.

47. Slow host Migration.

48. People who talk MW2 Strategy in real life.

49. Unnecessary Killstreaks. Why have an attack helicopter when you can have a harrier?

50. Commando

More to come...

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