So having taken my time and played the DLC, I've finally managed to construct a review of my thoughts on the maps.

Nacht der Untoten

Lovingly remade as simple as it was when first released. The addition of a new musical easter egg as well as the Thundergun and Monkey Bombs are also a nice touch. The new graphics look nice and well defined and the map itself is great for quick zombie games or intense final stands. I'm glad they didn't do anything like add the bowie knife, pack-a-punch, perks, etc.


Despite my dislike of this map, it is surprisingly good. All the creepy easter eggs are intact and the introduction of the monkey bombs and winters howl are always welcome. Could use a little more space, but its is a faithful recreation of the World at War version. The graphics are the least visually different however.

Shi No Numa

Surprisingly, I find this map alot of fun, despite hating the World at War version. Theirs just something about it that makes it enjoyable. The mokey bombs, as always, are a welcome addition, as well as the new radio and the return of the Wunderwaffe (Which I have yet to obtain in Black Ops)

Der Riese

The most visually striking, and for me, fun to play out of the four old maps. The only complaint I have is the fly trap is either glitched or broken.


Packed full of features, weapons, enemies, easter eggs, and music, Moon takes the cake as the best part of the new DLC. My full review is on my map ranking blog post.

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